Introducing the Pro League + Major Changes

POSTED BY souzernlions June 20, 2018 in News
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Today, the Souzern Lions will be undergoing some major adjustments to our individual player league!

We are proud to Introduce the Souzern Lions Pro League (FPL) with a R5000 monthly prize pool. In doing so we have also tackled the balancing of the Bronze and Silver divisions. With the introduction of a brand new Gold League (previously known as Silver) which will serve as a competitive breeding ground for talented players who have not made it into the FPL.

Players in the Bronze division will now have an easier time breaking into the new middle ground known as the Silver League by reaching level five (which is an ELO level of 1251). This means that players who show dedication, backed up by good statistics and teamwork will move towards Silver and possibly reach new heights as a player.

Pro League (FPL)
– R5000 cash prize pool every month

Gold Division
– Level 8-10 (1701+ ELO)
– 11200 FACEIT Points
– Top 25 players qualify for the Challengers,
one winner qualifies for Pro League

Silver Division
– Level 5-7 (1251-1700 ELO)
– 9000 FACEIT Points

Bronze Division
– Level 1-4 (1-1250 ELO)
– 7000 FACEIT Points

The Challengers – Prove yourself!

The top 25 players on the leaderboard from the (old) Silver League will advance to the Challengers. This is a First in First Out (FIFO) solo queue system and will run over the weekend starting on Friday 6th July and run till Sunday evening. Here you will battle for possibly the most coveted prize of all. Only one winner will qualify for the Souzern Lions Pro League.

We are also ending the leaderboard for all divisions today (20 June at 10:00 AM). The players requested the new divisions as soon as possible, as we wish to provide the best experience this was our only option. Now that we know how many players are on the platform, we can now finalize the divisions.

This will help us switch over to a more seasonal event schedule, running from the start of each month to the end. Now that we know how many players are on the platform, we can now finalize the divisions

[How to Qualify for the Pro League]

There are only two ways to get into the Pro League.
– Qualify through the Souzern Lions Challengers.
– A direct invite. If the committee members of the Pro League feel that someone is skilled enough to be in this league, then a meeting will be held.

All newly registered users can use the ‘gamenation’ promotional code to receive a 50% discount on their first month!

Happy fragging!