Introducing The Casual Matchmaking Hub

POSTED BY souzernlions July 11, 2018 in NewsUpdates,
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Today, as many have requested we are proud to introduce a new queue for Casual Matchmaking!
Players will be able to lobby up with their friends and play a less risky and fun style game against others. Including (but not limited to) the usual benefits of FACEIT such as statistics, anti-cheat and a pretty veto system.

We hope that this will help some players take a breather from their ELO grind in the standard Bronze, Silver and Gold Leagues.

Queue Details
FACEIT Level 1-10
• Captains are randomly selected and can only control map eliminations
• A premade lobby of up to 5 players.
• Anti-Cheat Enabled
• Subscription to Souzern Lions

A sigh of relief can be shown as your FACEIT Elo will not be touched in this queue, but you will still get to see leaderboard points for bragging rights. (+14 for a win, -9 for a loss)
Get a 50% discount on your first-month subscription if you use the “souzernlions” coupon code.

How to Queue for Casual Matchmaking

It’s pretty simple, but we will help you get started with some images for added style.
1.) To start off. Make sure you are logged into the client or web browser.
2.) Join the Casual Matchmaking Queue via the invite link here –
3.) You should now see a casual matchmaking under HUBS (image below).

4.) Click PLAY at the top right of the screen. You will then be prompted on what type of queue you would like to make.
5.) You are ready for your first Casual Matchmaking game!

Further details can be found below if you wish to get into the lobby part.

As Solo – The same as all the other queue types. You are searching alone and will be randomly placed into a game.
Create Party – This is where you will select if you want to play with friends. From as many as one to a full five stack.
Create Team – For the established teams out there, you can queue as a team if you already have one. Where all your members on the team will be added to the lobby and thrown into the queue.

Creating a Party

This is a little more complex for some, but it gets pretty simple once you get the hang of it. If you select the “Create Party” function when you queue. You will get the following:

In the top left corner, you will now see your profile as the lobby host (that little orange crown). To add a friend to your lobby, click the empty spots (the little profile with a + sign) to add members. Please note! These players need to be your friends on FACEIT.

Once you click the add button, you have a search feature. Find your friend, click their name and boom, they are added. Once you have your lobby set, press the orange PLAY button on the top right.

A chat window will also pop up, allowing you guys to spam, post and chat your heart out.

You are now ready to lobby up and start fragging with friends!